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Privacy Policy

The Freedom Property Fund Website Privacy Policy

(a) The Freedom Property Fund undertakes to use your name and email address solely for the purpose of sending you news and information according to your subscription details. We will not disclose or pass on the personal information of any subscribers or visitors to any other websites or list brokers.

(b)You may revise the information we hold by accessing the “UPDATE INFORMATION” section.

(c) Subscriber information is only released to a third party under strict conditions, viz:

  1. in terms of a court order or when required by law
  2. if requested to do so by the subscriber
  3. for use by our legal advisors in litigation
  4. for use by our auditors during audits.

(d) Non-specific or statistical information may be used which includes your profile, but not in an identified manner, as in – “37% of subscribers live in Gauteng”.

(e) Accessing this site does not include privacy protection for other sites linked to the Freedom Property Fund website. Acceptance of our terms & conditions includes your agreement to exclude the Freedom Property Fund from any liability resulting from your access to any other sites via this one.

(f) Visitors to the Freedom Property Fund site do not have to disclose any personal information or details, but we do track Internet addresses and domains for statistical purposes without using personally identifiable information.

(g) We make use of “Cookies” to improve our service provision to you and to upgrade your experience of our interactive website. Your browser should offer a function to notify you of cookies and allow you to accept or reject them.