Electrical Supply

Kadoma / Freedom together with consultants went through an energy consumption survey exercise regarding electrical energy metering and are in the process of replacing all the energy meters with smart energy meters. In our efforts to become more energy efficient we are constantly replacing items like street light fittings with Solar energized fittings. In line with legislation Kadoma / Freedom Property has applied to NERSA to be registered as a reseller of electricity, which approval we are awaiting.

With the current power supply interruptions in South Africa and escalating costs of energy we embarked on the first and second phase consisting of the planning, procuring, construction and  installation of two Solar powered PV plants. We completed and commissioned two of 266kw AC PV plants, one on the East side and one on the West side of the park. Our aim is to reduce the input cost and we endeavour to reduce downtime for our tenants due to power supply outages.

Report on solar 5 April 2023