Water and Sanitation

Kadoma / Freedom recently upgraded its water storage capacity and completed an additional storage facility of 360 kilolitre. As part of our efforts to ensure sustainable water supply to Tweefontein and Steelpoort Industrial Park we engaged in Hydrogeological investigations and drilling to determine whether we have additional groundwater sources available. Several boreholes were drilled on Portion 15 of the Farm Tweefontein 360 KT. Three of the boreholes were tested and the combined yield of the three boreholes is 264.672 kilolitre per day. The boreholes will be equipped and incorporated in the water supply system network providing domestic water supply to Kadoma and Tweefontein.

We engaged with Sanitech a subsidiary of The Waco Group to establish a full-scale water purification plant situated on Tweefontein where we will harvest a substantial amount of grey water from effluent currently been discarded.

All old analog water meters will in time be replaced with digital smart meters to enable us to have more control of the water usage. A long overdue water users license process for the industrial park has been set in motion during the last quarter of 2021 and we should have good news regarding these issues soon.

Raw water required for industrial use, is obtained via the existing Kadoma Investments (Pty) Ltd. connection point, situated next to Steelpoort Extension 10 (Steelpoort Industrial Township) on the Lebalelo Water User Association pipeline via dedicated raw water pipeline. Discussions with Lebalelo on the SE2 Pipeline is ongoing.